Finding VM Servers in CLI.

Now that I know about the enterasys cli |find command. I find it very useful. Today I need to tag a new vlan to all the interfaces on our VMware server cluster.

(su)->sh port alias |find vm
Alias on port ge.1.27 set to: vmware
Alias on port ge.1.28 set to: server 1 vmnic1.
Alias on port ge.2.37 set to: server 2 vmnic8.
Alias on port ge.2.40 set to: server 2 vmnic7.
Alias on port ge.3.8 set to: server 4 vmnic4.
Alias on port ge.3.9 set to: server 1 vmnic6.
Alias on port ge.3.12 set to: server 5 vmnic7.
Alias on port ge.3.13 set to: server 4 vmnic8.
Alias on port ge.3.25 set to: server 5 vmnic8.

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Computer Network Systems Manager, University of Northern Iowa
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