K-Series Installation Update

All our equipment is working really well. I can’t believe we haven’t had any gear arrive DOA. We’ve been running our first K-series building on Enterasys NAC for a week with no problems. Power has been fine. We’re seeing about 5-6A 110v on most partially populated K10s. Heat output and closet cooling is a concern. I haven’t had any units thermal yet. I ran one up to the max operating temp and it was fine.

Jul 13 16:56:10 10.10.x.x System[11]Ambient air temperature is warm (40C).

There are 5 buildings completely re-patched and 4 more to go by Aug 1. There are 5 more buildings yet to have sm fiber terminated.

I brought up OSPF today and configured switches in 4 buildings using the new ospf routed subnets. Once that’s finished I’ll turn on and test NAC there and template to the other waiting buildings. I’m planning to work on PIM, IPV6, OSPFv3, and learning constraints, rmon alerts, and traps next week. The week after we plan to streamline NAC, help devel a
couple new policy profiles and any tie up other loose ends. We’re hoping to have our cat 3 building rewired by mid-August.

Aug 1 we expect people to start trickling in.

Aug 17 students move in in large numbers.

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