First K10 Un-Boxed Racked and Burn in

After we cleared the warehouse I went back to the office to assemble one of the K10. It went together well. Although I’d suggest an electric screw driver for removing the line card blanks. I thought the slots and ports were labeled clearly and making the fabric card the last slot makes sense.

The K10 fired up on a single power supply with only the fabric plus 5 cards. Two power supplies gave it redundancy. I tested out a basic configuration and verified the optics and 10G DACs work in the 4 spf+ slots of the of the fabric card which is slot 11. I loaded a basic S-series config template and started testing traffic between the K10 and an S4.

I anticipate a production release of 7.31. We’ll finalize the config and prepare for our first install next week.

-Update I received the production release of 7.31 the next day. The firmware has stable and we’re experimenting with the new features.

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