Enterasys Cacti K-series CPU Utilization Template

The OID instance number has changed as of Enterasys FW 7.0 for the E N S and K series. Here’s a new SNMP query and templates for these devices. These will work on multi-slot E and N series e.g. N7, E7. They’ve also been tested on the SSA (S stand alone). The mib structure is the same for the K series so when those become available it will work for that series as well. I’m also hoping to test this on multi-slot S-series soon. If you have S3, S4, S8 I’d like to know if this works.

Tested on:
Enterasys FW >= 7.0 for the
E series matrix chassis running N-series gen 4 blades Platinum or Diamond
N series 1,3,5, 7 slot varieties
S series SSA (S stand alone)

Expected to work, but not yet tested:
S series S3, S4, S6, S8
K series K6, K10

I posted the K series cacti templates on the cacti forum..

To install:
Copy the uptime_sh2_temp.xml into your cacti /resource/snmp_queries directory.
Then Import the Graph, data, host and data query templates into cacti.

Enterasys N S K Cacti Templates

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One Response to Enterasys Cacti K-series CPU Utilization Template

  1. howarda says:

    I was just asked when the oid instance number changed. I first noticed it on my first SSA. and then also when I upgrade my first DFE to 7.0 code.
    The instance number has changed from .7[1-7].1 to 1001101[1-7].1

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